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Slots Strategy

Let`s say you withdrew a few bucks from the bank and you are going to your favorite casino to have fun at slot machines. The daunting question is how you will spend your hard earned money on the slots. The thing that makes a huge difference on your possible winning and losses is the way you chose to play them and on what machines. The winning method for playing slots has the basis in spending your money in concordance with the pay table and of course in the odds and betting options of the specific slot machine you are sitting in front of. The rules are the same for online casinos.

How to choose the slot machine

To choose which free slots games to play, firstly choose the number of reels you will be playing. This will have a big effect on your winning or loss. The 3 reel slot machine is the best option if you want your money to last longer or you have a small amount of money. At a traditional slot machine you can only spin 3 reels at a time and the betting possibilities are more limited, so even betting the maximum every time to win the jackpot will help you keep your money longer.

If you don`t want to play big amounts of money but you would like to try winning a little more money choose the 5 reel machine. At this one you`ll have the chance to bet more than at the smaller 3 reel slot but the downside is that even maximum betting at each spin is a lot less than what you can bet at the 7 reel slots.

Last but not least, if you want the highest number of betting variation or the highest maximums for betting, you should choose the famous 7 reel slot machine.

Online Slots

The best method to become a professional gambler is to practice much! OnlineCasinosDoc Australia site gives you such an opportunity: do not miss a chance to try different free slot machine games and become a real guru of slots. Moreover, here you can find a lot of useful information about slots history, rules, secrets... Interesting articles on thetopic given are also for you there! Many of the great instant casino games provided for all players to try their skills as well.

How to formulate a strategy

Each slot machine regardless of the number or reels lets you bet different amounts at each spin. You can check out how the cost per hour is divided in:

  • How much money you can spend in an hour of betting (next column to the right).
  • The amount in the second column multiplied by two and three coins (next column to the right)

Depending on your betting style you can use the chart as a guide to predict how much your money will last. In time you will learn how to create your own betting formula, and discover new ways to maximize your chances of making money. Using the chart below is a good strategy even when playing in a tournament.

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